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    The doors are open, please, come on in and look around. This is a friendly Youtube downloader website. We're happy to see you and welcome you to become frequent visitor. Just because our site is so awesome. It's free, unlimited for those who don't abuse it, it's fast and very light, well programmed to load speedily and perform tasks fast. If you need to download Youtube videos or convert Youtube to mp3 - this is the place to be. You can insert your own video URL address into the white box above and hit download button. You can also use it as Youtube search box, simply type in first few letters of your search keyword and use our localized suggestions from popular search tags in your area, or even finish typing your own search and submit. In both cases see the possible 10-20 results, pick one or two or all of them and click on thumbnails to proceed to mp4 downloader or mp3 converter options. This is all done with https security, so be sure nobody can track you or see what you're up to while you're here. Youtube downloader cares for privacy.

    Download Youtube mp4

    Youtube downloader can help save Youtube videos to your device. When Youtube mp4 is at large, remember to visit.

    Download Youtube mp3

    Convert Youtube to mp3 in 2-3 clicks. It's easy and mp3 quality download is premium HD 320kbps sound, very good.

    Search Youtube videos

    Don't need to copy past video URL address all the time, simply type something above to search Youtube videos

    Save for offline access

    Save anything for offline browsing and watching, it's easy, save video to mp3 or mp4 and watch while off the Wifi.

    Download online videos, 200 websites supported

    Youtube downloader works with close to 210 other sites and services to download videos and convert them to mp3, or simply extract audio and download it safely to your device for offline good times to come. Here are a few of the websites we definitely can help download videos from: facebook, twitter, instagram, vkontakte, twitch, periscope, culturebox, soundcloud, vevo, mixcloud, imgur, vimeo, dailymotion, lynda, espn, apple, crackle, bbc, gfycat, reddit, aparat, rutube, yahoo, southpark, coub, fc2, gyao, tiktok, odnoklassniki, kinopoisk, crunchyroll, aol,, asiancrush, audioboom, podbean, audiomack, photobucket, qq, flickr, fox, francetv, redbulltv, reuters, 9gag, adultswim, cnn, steam, syfy, ted, pbs, 1tv, afreecatv, weatherchannel, traileraddict, imdb, tumblr, arte, bandcamp, beatport, cinemax and so many more. Simply copy video link, past it above in the box and hit download button to easily find out if our site can help you download online video from your favorite site. We do support most famous sites and all their satellites, so there's a big chance you're in for a good time!

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    Another cool method to use this site we came up with is this shortcut (bookmark with extra functionality). To give it a try, drag it to your browser bookmarks and head to Youtube or any other page with 1 video playing, streaming. Then hit the bookmark and YoutubeDownloader will know which video page to scan even without you copy-pasting it to the input box. All will happen automatically and for you it'll only remain to download mp3 or mp4..